Top 5 Scooters For Your Kids To Do Great Tricks and Acrobatics

Twist And Go (Automatic Transmission) Scooters Service And Repair Manual: 50 to 250 cc with carburettor enginesScooters: Learn All About ScootersBird scooters & Booty [Explicit]
ModèleTwist And Go (Automatic Transmission) Scooters Service And Repair Manual: 50 to 250 cc with carburettor engines*Scooters: Learn All About Scooters*Bird scooters & Booty [Explicit]*
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Twist And Go (Automatic Transmission) Scooters Service And Repair Manual: 50 to 250 cc with carburettor engines
Twist And Go (Automatic Transmission) Scooters Service And Repair Manual: 50 to 250 cc with carburettor engines
ModèleTwist And Go (Automatic Transmission) Scooters Service And Repair Manual: 50 to 250 cc with carburettor engines*
DisponibilitéEn stock.
  • Poids du colis de l'article : 1.4 livres
  • Dimensions de l'emballage de l'article (L x l x h) : 21.082 x 26.924 x 2.032 cm
  • Fabriqué au Royaume-Uni
  • Quantité de colis d'articles : 1
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Scooters: Learn All About Scooters
Scooters: Learn All About Scooters
ModèleScooters: Learn All About Scooters*
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Practicing an activity where your children can exercise and burn off energy is always a good idea, if your little ones are also interested in skateboarding, then the ideal for them is to get the best scooter scooter available so that they can learn to do stunts and tricks.

Over the years, these scooters have become very popular among children and adults, there are even those who are professionally engaged in these practices and manufacturers have begun to make them for different tastes and activities.

Now, you can get them in their traditional version of wheels, some even come with four wheels , others, more sophisticated are motorized or even electric , so before taking one home you should know what you really want from this product.

Best Scooter Scooters

Which is the best skateboard?

When choosing the most suitable one, you should do a test of the offers available among the manufacturers of these scooters, make comparisons between them and finally decide on the most suitable one for the needs and uses that your child will have.

Having a guide is never too much, thats why we have prepared this list of suggestions with the main characteristics and qualities of these devices so that you can choose the one that is most appropriate for you and at the same time the one that is least expensive. Here you will surely find what you are looking for.

Here are the best skateboards:

1. Star-Scooter Premium Freestyle Rider

Semi professional

Manufactured with the highest technology and good quality materials, this is one of the pro range of Star-Scooter, for semi-professional use.

It has 110 millimeters of polyurethane aluminum wheels, ABEC 9 bearings that provide great precision and its frame is concave cover that allows to make easier the scooter tricks.

It has a double groove handle and triple height. Its board has a stable grip for greater safety when using it.

Its price is considerably the highest in our selection, however, those who have already bought it claim that the quality of the product is worth the investment.

It is a product that your child can use if he or she is eight years old or older, suitable for the practice of so-called Freestyle and is only available in white and blue.

2. Razor Beast childrens skateboard

Strong and practical

With aircraft-quality aluminum frame and urethane metal wheels, Razors Beast scooter model is ideal for children 7 years and older.

Available in yellow, blue and red, this product comes with fixed vertical handlebars 17.75 inches wide and 21.5 inches high which, together with the rear fender brake, provide greater maneuverability and therefore more stability and safety.

According to the opinion of those who already have one, it is an affordable product , resistant, light, practical and of high range that is ideal for jumping.

It comes with a 4-inch wide cover with 19-inch length that provides a stronger grip and, in addition, the plank has a colorful design that gives it a cool and attractive touch.

3. Fascol 3-wheeled scooter

Foldable and secure

This 3-wheeled scooter marketed by the brand Fascol, is specially designed for the youngest in the house, aged between 2 and 15 years.

One of its most striking qualities is that it is a foldable product and easy to store. Its handlebar folds completely into the seat and you can store it anywhere. It is also graduated in different types of height to make it suitable for different sizes.

It accepts four types of rotation for greater precision and comfort when shooting. It also has a rear friction brake that ensures smooth stops.

It is a purely domestic product that must be used under the strict supervision of an adult .

You get it in green, blue and pink with a striking light effect on the wheels that does not require batteries . Its cost is relatively low and the package comes with a green knee brace.

4. Land Surfer Stunt Scooter

Light and robust

Land Surfer offers you this scooter equipped with a strong tubular steel structure that allows you to perform great acrobatics safely, very suitable for aggressive skateboarding and also for freestyle .

It is light, robust, ideal for precise tricks thanks to its fast polyurethane micro wheels of 100 mm and 360° swivel axle with clamp that reinforces the handlebar.

It has low price and you get it in eight different models and colors: green with black, green camouflage, blue, pink, black, violet, fuchsia and black with flame designs.

According to those who have already bought it, it is a good product for both experts and beginners, with an excellent quality relation if you take into account its cost.

5. 3-Wheel Folding Scooter

Stable and secure

If you want to buy something for your younger children to have fun with, this scooter may be the solution youre looking for.

It is a product made of high-end polyurethane plastic and metal, with stable and safe wheels and high-precision ABEC 7 bearings.

It is ideal for maintaining balance because of the dimensions of its base and its three wheels that provide stability when using it.

Please note that it is a product especially for young children , if it is the case that your child starting to practice on the skateboard this may be an option.

It is the most economical on our list and you get it in a striking blue color. Its wheels turn on small lights while it rolls. Its completely foldable and you can store and transport it easily.

What is a stunt scooter?

Stunt Scooter is a specific term for a type of scooter that has been specially designed to be used for freestyle, skateboarding, or tricks.

It usually has adjustable handlebars to provide the desired height, and, in most cases has a cover usually made of aluminum, wood or fiberglass that provides comfort in the ride. Usually, it has wheels of different sizes, although the small ones are usually the fastest.

What are the parts of a scooter?

There are 10 fundamental components that make up this type of scooter and that contribute to the overall appearance, feel and performance of the device, these are


They are usually T or Y shaped, generally made of steel or aluminum and have a standard diameter of 1 ¼ inch. This is where the users body rests and guides the scooter, along with the handlebar. Each bar is different and depending on which one you select will be the feeling on the scooter.

Bar handle:

These are the grips that are placed at each end of the bar and form the handlebar. They are usually replaceable and made of various materials for comfort and stability in the grip and also to avoid injuries to the hands.


Also called, fork, it is a crucial part of a scooter, since it is what links the steering set to the bar, the cover and the front wheels, it is held in place by an axle and bolts. They usually require a compression system to adhere to the bars, and the ones without threads are the ones that provide more resistance and performance.

Management game:

It is essentially what allows the fork tube to rotate smoothly and quietly within the main tube. This piece is what lets the user drive the scooter and do turns and stunts. They are usually integrated and not integrated, the former offering a better fit and ensuring perfect alignment for smoother fork rotation.


It is the area where the user is placed, it is also called the cover and it comes in various shapes, styles, widths, lengths and sizes. It is usually made of aircraft-grade aluminum for greater strength and less weight.


It is the piece that joins the fork bars so that they can rotate in unison without separating from each other. Currently, the scooters have double, triple and even quadruple clamps, depending on the number of bolts. They vary in performance, quality and design, depending on the manufacturer.


They are usually small, made of polyurethane and have a plastic or metal core, the latter being the most resistant, if the scooter is to be used for tricks and stunts. They influence the ease of driving and the appearance of the scooter.


As with skateboards or in-line skates, scooter scooters have bearings classified according to the ABEC system, ranging from 1 to 9, which provide greater or lesser precision, as the case may be, and offer greater speed when rolling.

Rear brake:

It is fixed to the back of the scooter with a bolt or screw, depending on the model. It is located above the rear wheel and designed to stop the scooter by gradually pushing it with the foot. There are several types: spring or flex that is quiet and provides comfortable braking capabilities, also there are friction that are perhaps the most suitable for beginners.


It is the one that holds the bars and the joint together on the deck and, in addition, it allows to tune the steering game, its operation is very important because if it does not work properly it can break the patinete or even cause injuries. Some systems have threads, but they are not recommended if it will be used for freestyle and stunts.

Is a stunt scooter right for your child?

Not every child has a stunt scooter among their interests, but if yours is one of those who wants one of these gadgets, you should make sure you buy the one that best suits their needs

For example, you should buy those that are for five years and older, if your child tries to do jumps on his traditional skateboard, spends a lot of time looking at freestyle on the internet or is one of those who is always asking you to take him to a skate park, he is definitely ready for a skateboard, so, it is best that you buy him one that is good for his practices.

Factors to consider before buying a scooter

There are a number of details that you should consider before getting one of these items, each of these devices has qualities that make it special for certain uses and practices. There are some for beginners that have some details of brakes, wheels and bearings that provide greater stability and balance; other models are more suitable for experts because it gives them greater maneuverability and speed. Before making your purchase you should take into account these details to take the right product.

What kind of tricks do you want to do?

Not all scooters are used for the same activity, this is something you should be clear about since the use of your child will depend on their characteristics, some are especially made for book style, for jumping or for doing tricks and others are more convenient for riding on the streets, once you know what your childs plans are, you can buy the right product.

Riding in the street or riding in the skate park and doing tricks and jumps?

If your childs goal is to practice at the skate park or do tricks and stunts, then he or she could use a freestyle scooter. Since they are instruments designed for jumping then they are made of impact resistant materials. They come with a durable aluminum cover, bolted clamp that makes them more durable and maneuverable, they usually have a 360° handle and polyurethane wheels.

But if the plan is to use the scooter on the streets, then the best option is the one with the square deck, full aluminum guides for greater maneuverability and durability. Accompany them with polyurethane wheels and ABEC 7 bearings that offer smooth rides adapted to various types of soil and impact resistance.

How tall or large is the rider?

It is important to know the height and weight of the user of the scooter because a successful purchase will also depend on this. Some products are indicated for children from three years old onwards, but they weigh up to 4 kilograms, which makes them difficult to carry for a small child, or they are simply too big.

The ideal is to buy the lightest possible equipment, but this does not mean that it has to be of poor quality. On the contrary, the big manufacturers are increasingly concerned about making lightweight products with materials that allow durability and maneuverability.

For this reason, good scooter scooters usually support, in some cases up to 100 kg, mainly semi-professional freestyle scooters, and they also have adjustable height on the handlebars to make the user position it as comfortable as possible. Ideally, it should be close to the torso so that it is as straight as possible while riding and you do not have to bend your back too much.