Top 7 Hair Loss Prevention Shampoos For Those Who Want More Hair

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Watching hair fall down the shower drain when washing our hair or sticking to the brush or comb is desperate. The worst part is having to try hundreds of home remedies, magic recipes, miracle products and watching them fail over and over again.

But dont panic, you should know that you are not alone in this, statistics show that 60% of people suffer from androgenic alopecia or telogen effluvium .

Knowing part of this percentage, I went looking for information and contacting specialists to go for an effective hair loss shampoo that will take care of the scalp skin and remove the oil on the scalp and you know whats best? I finally found the shampoos that really work without having to resort to desperate measures like hair transplantation .

Maybe the first thing you are thinking about is looking for a fall arrest treatment from a brand that guarantees good quality, but that is affordable. However, the first thing to detect is the main cause of this disease. That is, why are you losing your hair, whether its because of medication, a disease, condition or a hormonal issue, although it can also be caused by other factors such as stress.

This information is necessary to make a wiser selection of the fall arrest products you need, as your situation is likely to require a medical treatment .


It is important that your shampoo has organic ingredients that promote circulation and help increase the volume of your hair, among which we recommend serenoa serrulata or argan oil .


The Best Anti-Fall Shampoos

Both men and women should avoid strong chemical ingredients such as those made from sulfate, parabens, glycerol and lauryl sulfate, so it is advisable to check the compounds of the formula very well in advance. And the price? You will be pleased to know that it is not necessary to spend a good paste on this, it is possible to buy the less expensive one and I show you in my comparative list:

Here are the best anti-fall shampoos :

1. Pilexil anti-fall shampoo

Can be combined with other products

This is a product that has many aces up its sleeve. One of them is that it has pH 5.5, which makes it a shampoo suitable for all hair types. But, apart from this, it also has extract of erenoa serrulata, several vitamins like B6 and E, panthenol and zinc, which stimulates hair growth, health and strength of follicles, promotes the hair life cycle and also prevents chronic hair loss.

It also works great as a conditioner, which helps you to style your hair.

2. Forbald Hair Loss Shampoo

Stronger hair

Reinforcing itself in its high content of vitamins, this shampoo has the advantage of protecting your hair against loss by strengthening the hair and its follicles. In fact, its strength lies in keeping each hair healthy and robustly anchored to the root.

That said, it results in a nutritious, revitalizing shampoo that also protects against day-to-day damage such as pollution and sunlight. It does not contain parabens or colorants and has powerful ingredients such as kopexil, keratin, sabal or willow. It can be used frequently without problems.

3. Apivita Anti-Fall Toning Shampoo

Natural formula for men

If you are like my partner who complains that most shampoos are made for girls, this is a sign of how wrong you are. This tonic shampoo has a special formula for men and contains mild surfactants and saponaria to cleanse deeply without irritating while helping to stop hair loss and improve the look of your hair.

It also includes with thyme, propolis, chincona and tea tree to regulate the oiliness, mixed with lupin, rosemary, ginseng, echisetum, vitamins, trace elements and honey that leaves the hair thick, strong and healthy .


4. American Crew Trichlogy Anti-Fall Shampoo

Efficiently prevents hair loss

Are you looking for an adjuvant in the prevention of hair loss ? This is the right place because this hair loss shampoo is made from a proven formula that prepares the male scalp for maximum absorption of the ingredients.

Nourishes the hair , has a stimulating and soothing action on the scalp and results can be seen best if applied regularly to wet hair with a gentle massage and then rinsed well. And because I know youre worried about the smell, its nice without being feminine.

5. Caffeine C1 Alpecin Shampoo

No. 1 in Germany!

There are many options in the market, but this one, without a doubt, is one of the best to face the serious problem of hair loss in men and not in vain is the most sold hair loss shampoo in Germany.

Its patented formula with active ingredients (vitamin B3 and zinc) and caffeine stimulates hair growth from the root , creating an effect that lasts 24 hours for voluminous, oil-free hair. For this reason it is recommended that it be used daily, allowing it to act for at least two minutes before rinsing.

Hair loss shampoos for women

5. Apivita Woman Fall Prevention Shampoo

Anti-fall shampoo that understands our needs

This shampoo understands the added needs we have as women, it revitalizes the hair roots, strengthens and nourishes the lifeless hair , improves its appearance and leaves the scalp healthy by protecting it from adverse environmental factors such as the suns rays and even pollution.

It also protects the hair against hair loss thanks to Hippophae TC and laurel, restores the health of the scalp and allows healthy hair growth, thanks to the antimicrobial extract of propolis, vitamins , wheat and lupine proteins, extracts of ginseng, cinchona, thyme and lavender.

7. Kerzo Anti-Fall Shampoo

Prevention and immediate action

Apply to your wet hair and massage it so that your scalp absorbs the active ingredients of the formula of this shampoo that prevents and faces hair loss, but is also soft and with 100% natural ingredients . It also offers greater density and comes without parabens.

At the same time, it has trichodyn and dermo kératyl complex that revitalizes all hair types and is designed for todays woman. All this with an excellent and pleasant aroma that will leave you enchanted. It comes in a presentation of 400 ml.

Buying Guide: The best shampoos against hair loss

How to choose the best shampoo to cure hair loss?

Based on research and constant testing, experts have listed certain recommendations that help us choose the best anti-fall shampoo for our hair.

One of the most important points is to have a list of ingredients that are free of chemical products, because with their constant use they generate irreparable damage and with time they will lead us to buy additional products for their recovery. For example, some of these substances are: paragons and sulphates. In case you observe them on the labels, avoid their purchase so that you do not regret strong damages in the future.

It is important that you know your hair and scalp type, as well as the chemical processes you regularly undergo, such as permanent dyeing or straightening. All these factors are of great importance in any hair loss treatment.

There are some that are composed for dry hair and others for the more oily ones. Although it seems obvious to you this aspect, many people dont know it and thats where the bad decision comes from when choosing a product that stops the hair from falling out.

Dont get carried away by the commercials you see on TV or in magazines, because they will never point out an element that is detrimental to the product. Check out the options offered by the brands that have been tested and are recognized by the recommendations offered by their buyers.

It never hurts to look for products that include some components loaded with minerals, essential oils, plants, fruits and vitamins, because they always provide nutrition in the daily care of your hair.

But dont leave the whole burden on your shampoo. A change in lifestyle and nutrition is necessary for any treatment to have positive effects. If you increase the intake of vegetables, grains, fruits and special water, you will be able to observe important changes. If you are one of those people with a high consumption of processed foods, you will surely be facing a painful and distressing situation of continuous hair loss.

How to use a hair growth shampoo?

To know if the shampoo you chose is having an effect on your hair, its components must be easily absorbed. This way, you can visualize the changes that occur during your daily cleaning routine.

In terms of application, there is not much variation compared to traditional products. You must wet your hair, apply a generous portion once or twice, according to the amount of grease you can generate in a day. It would be helpful to leave it on for a few minutes so that the scalp absorbs each of the nutrients you are applying.

When rinsing, make sure there are no traces left that will later generate itching or other triggers of the detachment.

It is advisable to read the instructions on the proper application and exposure time to avoid any inconvenience. If you have very sensitive skin, it is good to do a test before showering, using a small tuft.

Why do some hair loss shampoos not work as expected?

This questioning is very common and that is why manufacturers specialized in this type of product have determined that there are some components that turn out to be very strong for certain types of hair and the results are contrary to what is expected. Also, there are cases in which it is not the components but the amount that is used for the formula. Many work as a cleaning, repair or shine agent without achieving their main purpose.

At the time of purchase it is important to evaluate those products that have been tested and that their effect is certified. The forums could be a great help when we investigate the products we want to buy for our personal care.

Key ingredients

Below we detail some of the elements that have gathered weightings of their users and have also been recognized scientifically:


Biotin is fortunately a component that is regularly found in many of the foods we eat that are rich in protein. In case you didnt know, nuts, meats and eggs have a high percentage of this miracle component. On the labels of the cans you will be able to recognize it with the abbreviation B7 or Vitamin B7.

Both sexes benefit from its effects, since women will be able to show off abundant hair and men will have a full beard on their face. If you need to attack a baldness problem, increasing your consumption could also help you.


Its good for you to know that caffeine is an extraordinary natural antioxidant that not only fights the free radicals that accelerate the signs of aging, but also helps stimulate the birth of new hair. If its included in the list of components you will surely achieve favorable results in a very short time.


This is one of the substances that is almost always present in the chemical composition of shampoos or in some synthetic derivatives. Scientists agree that ketoconazole provides a very similar effect to Minoxidil, by contributing to the birth of more hair. Additionally, it offers thickness and resistance.

American palm

This is an ingredient that has been found in many foods and medicines for a long time, but scientists have discovered its extensive benefits on hair only recently. According to studies, this oil contains an enzyme that acts effectively on hair growth.

Also, it indicates that DHT (dihydrotestosterone) is related to hair loss and saw palmetto plays a key role in blocking your bodys enzyme by creating DHT.

If you want to ingest it medicinally, you may find that some of the best shampoos display it as a key element.

Does anti-fall shampoo really work?

It is a matter of use, patience and being alert to any change. When using a hair loss shampoo, it is common to achieve an increase in volume, which will help you to have thicker and more abundant hair.

If you are presenting all the characteristics of a case of alopecia, the most advisable thing to do is to go to a specialist to recommend some special treatment that you can alternate with the help of a shampoo that stops the breakage and promotes the appearance of new threads.

It will always be necessary not to abandon the treatment or replace it with products that do not have the regenerative property.

Three things you should know before buying a hair loss shampoo

According to scientific research and recommendations from users, there are three important aspects that determine the good quality of a hair loss shampoo. Review them and take them into account before the next purchase.

If it works, dont change it

Check out the products that get positive feedback and dont get carried away by the ads. Make sure they contain clinically proven substances, that they work and that they have scientific studies.

Ketoconazole is King

Any hair loss shampoo that does not contain this component will not work as well as those that do. The main reason why men lose their hair is because of the sensitivity to DHT in the follicle, and ketoconazole is made to combat this painful situation.

Researchers have determined that 2% ketoconazole and minoxidil improve the density, size and proportion of anagen follicles in the hair. Ketoconazole is also effective in treating a fungus called pityriasis that often inhabits the scalp.

That is why it should not be missing from the formulation of your favorite shampoo.

Use a shampoo that works

Once you find a shampoo that significantly controls hair loss, pay attention to its formula so you can keep it if you ever want to change brands.

Initially, you may have to make several changes before you find the ideal one, however, its an investment that will be worthwhile for the well-being of your hair.

A little bit about women and hair loss

Although we often consider it an exclusively male issue, hair loss also happens very often to women. About 40% of this sector of the population suffer from this situation at some point in their lives. Some of the reasons that can cause this abnormality are: stress, an inherited genetic condition, excess fat or inadequate hygiene.

What should I avoid in a hair loss shampoo?

It is important to have a product that not only cleans the scalp well, but that does not contain certain strong chemicals such as sodium lauryl sulfate, because it is similar to chlorine and after constant use can cause weakening of the hair follicle and can also be toxic if absorbed through the skin.

Also, it is advisable to make sure of the percentage that the manufacturer places in the formula. If it is very low, it will probably not generate serious inconveniences.

After starting to use the shampoo, when does the change occur?

It is a common question among all those people who are looking for a radical change with the use of a hair loss shampoo. However, everything depends on the product of the conditions in which the scalp is, the constancy with which the product is applied and the healthy diet that you must maintain to achieve the expected results.

However, there are testimonials from users who claim to see changes in only 3 weeks of use, but this all depends on the type of hair, so you can start expecting your transformation at any time. If you have been using the product for more than a month and you notice any changes, you should consider buying another formula.

10 Simple Things You Can Do to Fight Hair Loss

Consider your diet

It is important for you to know that, protein is the building block of body tissues, including your hair. Its intake is fundamental to strengthen the hair and stop its weakening. The best sources of protein are: milk, egg whites and fish. You should consume them weekly to provide your hair with the necessary nutrients for its well-being.

Also, it is necessary to consume foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, such as salmon and freshly ground flaxseed, which can be used in salads or in the cereal mix. There will be no mess if you consume them daily.

Dont forget your vitamins

This is an aspect that we cannot ignore. It has been determined that vitamin “A” is very important for healthy hair because it helps to provide balance in the natural production of fat. Food products rich in vitamin A are green leafy vegetables, carrots and eggs.

Also, vitamin B12 is scientifically proven to create red blood cells, which do not help to have healthy hair. Vitamin E is another component that promotes the circulation of oxygen and while we preserve it we will enjoy a beautiful and well cared for hair.

Some of the most important minerals for the health of the hair are: calcium, copper, iron, magnesium and zinc. Each of these are found in the vegetables you eat every day and in case you are weak in this matter, you can choose to take food supplements.

Talk to your doctor

In any situation it is never too much to consult a specialist, because many people who begin to lose their hair at an early age or without explanation, are determined to have a hormonal imbalance and one of the consequences of this pathology is hair loss.

In addition to hormonal imbalance, there are also other conditions that can lead to hair loss, such as stress, thyroid disease, anemia and certain medications that are prescribed to treat heart disease.

Remember, doctors can always do an evaluation to determine the causes of hair loss and the patterns to follow to stop it.

Break bad habits

Pay attention to the excesses in case you want to stop your hair loss. For example, smoking reduces circulation, and this includes blood flow to the scalp. Also, alcohol and caffeine consumption will hamper the immune system and cause more shedding.

Low water intake is another trigger. Thats why you should keep yourself hydrated so that you not only provide well-being to your hair but to your whole body. The most recommendable thing is to drink at least 8 glasses of water daily, equivalent to two liters, to maintain the vitality of the parts that compose our body.

Another important and determining measure you should take is to avoid carbonated soft drinks, which weaken the immune system and compromise hair health.

Keep the peace

Believe it or not, most of the time, the main cause of hair loss is stress and tension. Use routines such as meditation or yoga to achieve peace of mind and body.

There are many cases of baldness that are linked to stress. In these situations the treatments go beyond the application of an anti-fall shampoo. The best thing is to prevent in time a case of acute stress so that no part of your body is affected by this cause.


Did you know that regular exercise allows sweat to cleanse and unclog your hair pores? This is a very little known aspect and one that is always worth keeping in mind.

Essential Scalp Massage

Scalp massages help stimulate hair follicles to increase hair growth, and essential oils such as lavender, rosemary and thyme have been shown to prevent baldness.

The treatment just consists of taking any oil, such as olive, coconut, almond, and adding a few drops of lavender, rosemary or thyme oil, to make a single mixture. Gently massage the oils into your scalp using your fingertips. Put on a bath cap and leave it on for an hour, then wash your hair

Natural juices

Besides ingesting natural juices you can rub the juice of 4 garlic, onion juice or ginger juice on your scalp. There are those who recommend applying it and leaving it overnight so that the nutrients work. In the morning you can wash with the anti-fall shampoo that you have chosen. You can repeat this procedure two or three times a week


I present you the best antioxidant to prevent or stop hair loss: green tea. Just apply an infusion using two bags in a cup of water. You apply the liquid, leave it to work for an hour and then rinse.

Be kind to your hair

Try to avoid cosmetic procedures that cause weakening, such as dyes and smoothing products. Regulate the use of the dryer and use a wide tooth comb to avoid breakage during the styling process.